Constructive Eating FAQ

Constructive Eating Range

What themes are in the Constructive Eating range?

The Constructive Eating range comes in various themes perfect for both boys and girls. There is a Construction, Dinosaur and Garden Fairy theme.

What are the dimensions of the Constructive Eating Plates?

The Construction Plate, Dinosaur Plate and the Garden Fairy Plate are 23cm in diameter and a depth of 2cm. The kids section plate has both larger and smaller sections, making it easier to keep separate for those picky eaters. 

What utensils are included in the Constructive Eating Cutlery set?

The utensil set is a 3-piece cutlery set which contains a Fork, Spoon and a Pusher that matches with the theme.

What is the Pusher in the Utensil Set?

The Pusher makes it easy to gather food and put it on either a fork or a spoon. It works especially well with foods such as rice, peas and mashed potatoes. The Bull Dozer Pusher is part of the Construction theme, Triceratops is part of the Dinosaur theme and the Garden Hoe Pusher is part of the Garden Fairy Line.

What is the best age for the Constructive Eating Plates and Utensils?

The Constructive Eating products are used both independently by young children and by parents when they are feeding their children before those young ones have the dexterity to handle the utensils on their own. The most popular age range for a child to independently use our utensils and plates is about 18 months up to 4 years.

How can I clean the Constructive Eating Plates and Utensils?

To make cleaning easy for you, all of the Constructive Eating Plates and Utensils are dishwasher safe.

Are the Constructive Eating Plates microwave safe?

Yes! The Construction Plate, Dinosaur Plate and the Garden Fairy Plate are all microwave safe.

Are the Constructive Eating products safe to use?

Safety is of paramount importance to us. The Constructive Eating products have been fully tested against the requirements of the CPSIA, ASTM, FDA and EN71 certification.

Are the Constructive Eating products BPA free?

Absolutely! All the Constructive Eating products are BPA, Phthalate, PVC, Lead and Paint free for peace of mind knowing that you can use safely and confidently.