Our Story

Quite a few years ago now, I had been working in the tertiary education sector when my first son was born. I knew this would change my life but I just had no idea how much my life would change (for the better of course)!

I wanted the best for my child (as we all do) and I absolutely loved watching him reach each milestone such as smiling, making sounds, eating solids, crawling, walking, talking, kicking, throwing etc. 

I am a very sporty and active person and love all types of sport so it wasn't long before this rubbed off on my son and he wanted to play sport as well so I decided to coach his team.

I thoroughly enjoyed coaching so much that I wanted to make a difference in a lot more children's lives. I decided to combine my two passions - young children and coaching - you know what they say "do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life".

After the birth of my second son, I started a business coaching toddler and preschool aged children. This was brilliant! I was doing something I loved - coaching sport and exercise to young children. My life had a brand new direction and I was making a difference in lots of children's lives.

Running these classes each week, I became quite attached to the kids and I got just as excited (if not more) than they did when they accomplished a skill such as jumping for the first time or galloping or hopping or improving their hand-eye coordination by hitting a ball with a racquet or improving their foot-eye coordination by kicking etc.

During this time, I noticed that quite a lot of parents were not able to attend our classes even though both the child and the parents loved the program. Seeing how time-poor families were, I knew it was so easy to let children spend more and more time on their digital devices.

I wanted to take this another step forward, and make it easy to get their children off their screens and allow children to be able to develop these important life skills anytime in their lounge room, in their backyard at home or even down the park with friends.

This is where Active Play 4 Kids was born. I want children of all ages, of all abilities to have the same opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills through active play anytime, anywhere.

I hope my passion and enthusiasm for active play shows through and you enjoy our quality products.

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Active Play 4 Kids


Active Play 4 Kids is an Australian, family-owned business with a mission to encourage children's development through active play. Our fun products help parents enhance and develop their child's gross and fine motor skills through active play.