Garden Fairy cutlery set on their place on the purple Garden Fairy plate for kids with fairy garden placemat for kids
Garden Fairy Princess having fun eating healthy meals on her Garden Fairy section plate and cutlery set for kids in the fairy garden
Constructive Eating Garden Fairy plate for kids have built in ramps, while the toddler cutlery set develops fine motor skills in a fun Garden Fairy theme
Constructive Eating Purple Garden Fairy divided plate for kids
Constructive Eating Garden Fairy Utensils Set for Kids with Garden Rake Fairy fork, Garden Shovel Fairy spoon and Garden Hoe pusher
Constructive Eating placemat features a view of the Garden Fairies working in the garden.
Constructive Eating Garden Fairy plate and cutlery set for kids is made in USA, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, non-toxic and BPA Free
Constructive Eating dinner placement setting with purple divided plate on magical Garden Fairy placemat with utensils on shaded area on placemat
Garden Fairy purple plate with healthy yummy food on Garden Fairy section plate with garden hoe pusher pushing healthy food onto garden shovel spoon and garden rake fork picking up healthy eating habits
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Constructive Eating Garden Fairy Plate, Utensils and Placemat Set

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Constructive Eating Garden Fairy Plate, Utensils and Placemat Set

Constructive Eating was created by parents who wanted to make mealtime more enjoyable for the whole family. Constructive Eating strive to make products that combine fun with function. 

These products are all designed to be fun, engaging and encourage children to finish their meals by mixing eating time with a little constructive play.


What little fairy princess wouldn’t love loading food onto their Garden Rake Fairy Fork and Garden Shovel Fairy Spoon with a Garden Hoe Fairy Pusher on their Garden Fairy Plate?

Each utensil features one magical fairy on the handle - Allo, Willow, and Charlie. With their great colour and shape, even the youngest child will have fun with these garden tools. They are rugged and lightweight, making them a must for every meal time.


The Garden Fairy Plate features a ramp that leads up to the fairy spoon's "trench" so kids can help the Garden Hoe push their way to better eating habits. The kids section plate has both larger and smaller sections, making it easier to keep separate for those picky eaters. 

The Garden Fairy Placemat features the Garden Fairies working in the garden preparing the broccoli trees, harvesting the carrots and tomatoes.

The placemat comes with shaded areas that match the garden fairy utensils so little ones can help get ready for meals by setting their place at the table for mealtime! 


Make toddler feeding easier with this fun kids dinner plate, kids cutlery set and placemats for kids. Our Garden Fairy dinner plate is designed to work together with the Garden Fairy tools which contain a fairy on the handle - Charlie on the Garden Rake Toddler Fork, Allo on the Garden Shovel Toddler Spoon and Willow on the Garden Hoe Toddler Pusher. The kids divided plate, utensils and placemat makes feeding fun!


Our Constructive Eating divided plate and utensil set is great for helping children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and discover their independence during mealtime.

Your kids will gain confidence being able to load their Garden Fairy Utensils with tricky foods such as rice, peas and corn, all by themselves! 


Many occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and special education teachers use these products to make eating easier and more fun for their students.


The kids plates and kids utensil set are manufactured using premium FDA approved materials which meet local and international standards. The Constructive Eating range are:

  • BPA FREE - Does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is used to make plastics such as polycarbonate. 
  • PVC and Phthalate FREE - Does not contain phthalates or PVC. Phthalates are used as plasticisers to soften PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Each product was tested against the presence of six phthalates (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DIDP, DnOP and DINP) and PVC as part of CPSIA and EN71 certification.
  • Lead and Paint FREE - Does not contain any lead. Each product was tested against the presence of lead performed for the certification.


The divided plate for kids and toddler cutlery set for kids are dishwasher safe and the kids placemat can be wiped clean to make cleaning easy! The plate and utensil set are also microwave safe so you can get dinner ready fast!


This novelty dinner set for kids plates, toddler cutlery and placemat makes the perfect gifts for kids. Perfect for 1st birthday gift for kids, babyshower gifts, boy gifts/girl gifts, baby 1st birthday gift, or a perfect fun gift for toddlers or even older fussy eaters. Suitable and enjoyed by both boys and girls.


Magical Garden Placemat - 28cm x 43cm (HxW)

Garden Fairy Plate Packaging - 25cm x 29cm x 3cm (HxWxD)

  • Garden Fairy Plate - 23cm diameter x 2cm depth

Garden Fairy Utensils Packaging - 25cm x 15.5cm x 7cm (HxWxD)

  • Willow Garden Hoe Pusher - 11cm x 3cm x 3cm (LxWxD)
  • Allo Garden Shovel Spoon - 15.5cm x 2.5cm x 3cm (LxWxD)
  • Charlie Garden Rake Fork - 14.5cm x 3cm x 2.5cm (LxWxD)


If you have any issues with this product, please contact us and we will happily refund your money or arrange a replacement.

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